5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins Which You Must Try On Your Blog

There are so many good content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, ocPortal etc, but still majority of the websites and blogs(approx 95 million as on Feb 2016) in the world are powered by WordPress. That’s a huge number of websites. But do you know the main reason behind it? Why WordPress is world best CMS?

Answer is very simple. WordPress is Super SEO Friendly. No one can beat it,when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. WordPress uses well written codes & Google just love it. But this does not mean that by just installing WordPress on your blog you will be ranking high in search engines. If you want to get organic traffic & want to rank well in search engines then you will have to install good quality SEO Plugins on your blog.

Without wasting any time lets have a look at 5 best SEO Plugins for WordPress which You Can Install On Your Blog:

I have personally used all these plugins on my blogs & client websites and would recommend you do the same.

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Features: You can set Post Title,Meta Descriptions,Permalinks,Breadcrumbs,Canonical Url,XML Sitemaps and much more on your blog. If you want to make your blog social media friendly then you can even add Facebook Open Graph and Twitter MetaData. If you are using All-In-One SEO or HeadSpace2 SEO Plugin on your blog then with the help of Import Function you can move your SEO data(Meta title and description) into this plugin.

In addition, it previews how your content will look in search engines, controls which pages from your site go to search engines, allows you to control indexing of categories and archives, and so much more.You can even edit your robots.txt and .htaccess file with WP Yoast. With the help of Flesch Reading Ease scale you can check whither your post is easy to read or not.

As compared to other  WordPress SEO plugins “WordPress SEO By Yoast” is little complicated but still I Would highly Recommended this to every WordPress blog owner.

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Features: With the help of this plugin you can avoid duplicate content,optimise post tiles for search engines & can generate meta tags automatically.This plugin also enables you to manually include META tags (title, description and keywords) for each page and post in your web site.You can also add canonical urls, XML Sitemaps & Google Analytics with the help of this plugin.

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Features Of SEOPressor:

  • Over optimization check
  • On Page SEO & Multiple LSI keyword analysis
  • Check Keyword Density
  • Social SEO Integration
  • Rich snippets
  • Smart linking
  • Automatic Smart Linking

You can use SEOPressor with WordPress Yoast. Use Yoast for adding Meta Titles &  Meta Descirption & SEOPressor for adding keywords,rich snippets  & other on page work.

The sad part about this plugin is that it is a Premium plugin($47) which means that not everyone can afford it. But if are not happy with AIO SEO & WP Yoast and are thinking to hire SEO Expert for doing on site work then please don’t invest your money on hiring so-called SEO expert instead invest your money on SEOPressor.

Google XML Sitemaps SEO Plugin WordPress
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Redirection wordpress plugin review,redirection wordpress
  • Hi Deepak,

    A handy list of must have WordPress plugins. I use XML sitemap & Yoast for my blog and they are working fine. Also WP Smush.it for image optimizing and this seems to be one of the best in class. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anam khan says:


    I’m facing problem with yoast SEO Plugin, Whenever i activete this plugin Page title look like this %%title%% . Is there anyone who can suggest me other best SEOP plugin or tell +me how to remove this error.

  • Gene C Victor says:

    Thank you so much for information and your lots of hard work. I tried one by one and found Yoast SEO most powerful and easy. Thanks 🙂

  • Hi, thank you for sharing your post it’s really useful


  • Hi, Deepak all the plugins are best for my work thank you for sharing your post and knowledge


  • Kaminska Zakrzewska says:

    Awesome article , as a newbie , my search for a good SEO plugin + a good XML sitemap gen. ended here . Many useful plugin packed up inside a single one. Again, thanks for such an informative article .

  • Kaminska Zakrzewska says:

    For local business owners I would recommend the Local SEO and Business listings plugin. It is specifically for businesses that need local search engine optimization. Great article. Personally for macro SEO needs I use the Yoast plugin and Moz is an incredible resource for staying up to date on all the latest search developments and changes.

  • hafiz junaid says:

    Hi admin,
    Great post indeed!
    this post tells about different seo plugin. all seo plugin is very necesary for every blogger.
    there is my favourite plugin (i mean yoast seo plugin) is also mentioned.yoast plugin is very easy to use and friendly seo.Yoast seo is popular in wordpress.
    Thanks sharing for this informative post
    Hafiz junaid

  • Currently I’m using SEO byYoast optimized for your website. And this is one of the tricks that I enjoyed wordpress. Although you have introduced plugin All In One SEO Pack. I feel pretty good, if given the opportunity I will experiment on my blog. Thanks for your article.

  • Gaurav Heera says:

    Hello DEEPAK,
    Awesome post……. your article is really informative. Really, Yoast and All in One SEO and Google XML Sitemap are amazing. And you have described everything in descriptive, simply yet effective too. You’ve done a great job with this.
    Thanks to share this informative article.

  • Madhu amla says:

    Very nice article. I am using seo yoast for my site.

  • Anuradha Chawla says:


    Thank you for sharing this awesome collection of SEO WordPress plugins.
    Yoast SEO is one of my favorite plugin. It helps you to optimize your meta tags without entering into coding. I am using this plugin in my website.
    Keep updating!!!

  • Just installed Yoast, it is amazing! Thanks for the heads up. Tracking keywords, minimum content and meta stuff has been great! So good for a novice, as it guides you.

  • Monika Sharma says:

    Nice article about Best WordPress SEO Plugins as I was just looking for best Best WordPress for a blog. First Plugins WordPress SEO ByYoast is one of the most users Plugins that most of blogger use for SEO purpose !

  • Akshay lal says:

    I don’t understand I’ve set all article to SEO friendly using Yoast SEO, but when I was searching on my google results from the page description, it’s all messed up and it’s not the same as the one I have entered using Yoast SEO.

  • hello sir
    can you tell me about wordpress plugin to avoid
    the copy right . because they copy my article and post
    on their own site

  • Franklin Onyejekwe says:

    Thanks bro, i think i need to intall seo friendly images and xml sitemaps….i have the rest installed on my blog alredy

  • Franklin Onyejekwe says:

    What do you think about (seo smart links) plugin, i think it should be included on the list too

  • Giotechub says:

    Wow!!! Really a great list of plugin you got here.Thanks for sharing this…its really informative and educative.Keep doing it.

  • amandeep singh says:

    Nice article about Best WordPress SEO Plugins as I was just looking for best Best WordPress for a blog. First Plugins WordPress SEO ByYoast is one of the most users Plugins that most of blogger use for SEO purpose !



  • Hi Deepak, good post on WordPress SEO plugins. Which of WP Yoast and All in One SEO do you prefer and would gladly use on a new blog of yours. I’m curious because you included both in the post, giving that they offer the same functions.

  • Kaminska Zakrzewska says:

    Thanks for this great post! Some of them I knew (SEO by Yoast, SEOquake), and I have heard about other, thanks for putting best plugins on one page!

  • Aditya Aggarwal says:

    Thanks for sharing this informative article. I like the Yoast plugin most. I will definitely install this on my WP website. Keep up the good work.

  • sreelakshmi nair says:

    Hi deepak,

    This is very informative and interesting for those who are interested in blogging field.The most useful
    WordPress SEO Plugin is my all time favorite plugin and I am currently using it on my blog, Plugins are very helpful for every Blogger.Thank you for sharing the valuable post…..

    Good luck for upcoming articles…..

    Thanks again!

  • Shyami goyal says:

    Awesome post bro my favorite is yoast thanks for sharing this post

  • Eve Jones says:

    The SEO plugins mentioned by you are very useful and they justify the title, they are really a ‘must try’ to make our blog SEO-friendly. Will give it a try.

  • Hi,
    Nice Information for a plugin. Could you please share the information About schema plugin which one is the best n how its work.

    Thanks in advance And waiting for your reply

  • Hi Deepak.
    Good post and thank you for sharing this list. I’m using free YOAST plugin also using it’s sitemap generator feature in my blog. Would you like to explain me the best option, using the YOAST sitemap generator or Google XML plugin?

  • Bisakha Ray says:

    thanks for providing this useful information i am using WP Yoast & XML Sitemap and now installed SEO Friendly Images on your advise,

    Very informative

  • Great post, WordPress is one of the best platforms and is far better than any other for SEO. I agree with you that images are important factors to optimise and that alt tags need to be done properly, otherwise there won’t be traffic as you would expect. I will surely try the “SEO Friendly Images” plugin, I think it will be helpful for images, I will check and use this if it gives a better result.
    Thank you for your suggestion.

  • Plugins are the real life saver in WordPress. Yoast SEO is one of such awesome plugin without which I can’t imagine blogging. Even though they lost a little bit of their trust due to the bug, but I am still with them.

  • I use All in ONE SEO TOOL any problom

  • suresh eminent says:

    Hi, Deepak
    You are a really great list post, very useful plugins for beginners. thanks for this great list, I’m using WordPress by Yoast and it’s working really well. Yoast is really the best tool. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • Rony Sharma says:

    Yoast is best SEO plug in for wordpress in my opinion. Its very easy to use and handy.
    The UI of the Yoast is great.

  • what is redirecting plugin? please describe I am confused about this.help

  • Devika Bhoyar says:


    I will surely use this 5 SEO plugins,
    they are so useful.
    Thank you for these plugins.

  • kajal negi says:

    Which WordPress plugins should I install on my startup blog?

  • What is a good “about author” plugin for WordPress Blogs?

  • Bursa Oto Ekspertiz says:

    I think all in one seo pack and yoast seo contains xml sitemap feature, so if you use one of them, there is no need xml sitemap plugin.

  • preeti singh says:

    What are the best free SEO plugins for a WordPress blog?

  • Karan Mehta says:

    Hey Deepak,

    I tried all in one SEO pack.it worked pretty decently. the best is that for a beginner there is no need to change its default settings, just Install it & Activate it. you are good to go But definitely gonna try SEO
    Friendly images & will give you feedback.


  • Hey, Deepak
    This is a Really nice article. I am using SEO by Yoast, Google XML sitemaps and SEO friendly images. I have heard that SEOpressor is good but it is premium, so I need to think twice before buying it. Thank you very much, Deepak!!

  • Amjad Malik says:

    Yoast SEO plugin is not working on my WP Site??
    It is installed but not activate..
    Please,help me…

  • The sad part about this plugin is that it is a Premium plugin($47) which means that not everyone can afford it. But if are not happy with AIO SEO & WP Yoast and are thinking to hire SEO Expert for doing on site work then please don’t invest your money on hiring so-called SEO expert instead invest your money on SEOPressor.

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