INinbox Review: Best Email Marketing Tool For Small Business

Those of you who are new to internet marketing must be thinking what the hell is Email Marketing? Isn’t you? Well my dear friends Email marketing is nothing but a form of b2b (business to business) marketing with the help of which you can share and promote your blog posts, product and services with your subscribers. In short we can say that “money is in your email list”.

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So friends If you want to dominate internet marketing then you just can’t ignore Email Marketing. Effective email marketing will not only helps in creating awareness about your brand, product or service, but it also plays a very important role in building goodwill and loyalty among readers/customers.

Now you must be thinking how Email Marketing Works?

You can’t start email marketing using Gmail or Yahoo mail. You need a professional email marketing tool which will automatically deliver your newsletters to your email subscribers. Aweber,Contant Contact,Mailchimp and Madmimi, are some of the big names in Email Marketing industry, but the problem with them is that most of them are very expensive, provide limited features in trial accounts and are complicated to set up at least for beginners. In addition, you cannot use auto responder nor send your affiliate links in your newsletters.  As a result most of the budding bloggers and internet marketers ignore email marketing.

Which Email Marketing Software is best for Beginners?

If you are new to blogosphere and are looking for powerful, affordable and straightforward email marketing service, then I highly suggest that you give Inninbox a try. Ininbox is new to email marketing industry and Tim Bekker (CEO) and Jelle Mostert (Relationship Manager) are  the guys behind it.

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Now without wasting any time let’s have a look at Ininbox Awesome features which makes it different from other email marketing tools.

Ininbox Is Absolutely Free To Use & Is User-Friendly !!

The best thing about Ininbox is that if you have less, then 2000 email contacts then you can send 20000 email newsletters for free. No credit card required. So sign up friends, upload your contacts and see the magic of Ininbox. There is everything to gain and nothing to lose friends.

You don’t need to have any technical or design experience to use Ininbox. You can easily create, send and track your beautiful email newsletters. In addition, as it is a web-based application so you can access and send email from anywhere in the world at any time.

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Provides Huge Collection of  Free Email Templates And Autoresponder !!

Right now there are around 20 main categories (tech, sports, fashion, food, games, health,etc.) from where you can choose hundreds of beautiful free email templates for sending your email newsletters. With the help of Ininbox Autoresponder you can save your time by creating automated mailings for your lists.

INinbox Review,INinbox,INinbox Review,INinbox email marketing tool

They Have Excellent Customer Support !!


Ininibox technical support team and Professional Email Designers are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You just need to contact them via email and they will assist you in solving your problem. They also have resource section  and knowledge base  where you can find tutorials and  frequently asked questions related to email marketing.

Full control over your contacts with the help of Contact Management !!


You can easily import your email contacts and create beautiful sign up box with the help of Ininibox Contact management. Some other important features of Contact management are as follows:

  • Advanced segmentation Group Subscribers on the basis of Location, Age, gender, interest, etc.
  • Automation rule (web form, subscribers subscription)
  • Geo location Detects Location of your subscribers
  • Gravatar Integration
  • Leads and Sales Conversation Tracking

Magento Integration: 

Magento  is a powerful platform with the help of which you can create high performance E-commerce websites. If you will use both Magento and Ininbox, then with the help of FREE Magento Extension you can sync and upload all your Magento email marketing contacts into Ininbox. This allows you to automatically build powerful relationships by sending beautiful email newsletters.

Magento e-commerce,Magento email marketing

 Provides Split testing Or AB testing !!

Let’s suppose you have two email campaigns and you want to know which one of them is more effective. Ininbox Split testing tool will compare both of them and will help you in improving your email marketing campaigns

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Different Types of Plans Which Ininbox Provides !!

INinbox Review,INinbox,INinbox Review,INinbox email marketing tool

  • Free Box Plan: Free plan is most suitable for small-scale business. You can manage 2000 email contacts and can send 20000 email newsletters to your subscribers for absolutely FREE. No credit card required for using free plan.
  • Big Box Plan: If you have more than 2000 contacts,but less than 5000 then you should use Big Plan. By paying just 3.95$ p/m you will be able to send unlimited email newsletters to your subscribers.
  • Sky Box Plan:  Send unlimited email newsletters to 25000 contacts for just $9.95p/m, 50,000 contacts for $19.95 and 1,00,000 contacts for just $39.95. This plan is best for big business.
  • Unlimited Box Plan: This plan is perfect for those who want to send unlimited emails to unlimited contacts and for a fixed price.

I hope you found this Ininibox Review helpful. In my opinion, it is a very powerful email marketing tool. Especially for those who are new to internet marketing and are looking for a reliable, cheap and user-friendly email marketing tool.Do share your opinion about Ininbox on comment section below.

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  1. Couple of months ago .i made a same doubt ,what’s email marketing,now i;’m fully cleared the scenario.. Thanks for the article deepak

  2. ININBOX service is terrible I would not recommend it no anyone! EVEN FOR FREE. I added my contact list and this was 2 months ago, they don’t reply to emails and do not activate my account, now basically I lost the contacts address and I cannot use the service, I thought it was trustable but no, it is the worst service I have ever used to email marketing. They don’t even bother to answer!


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