Simple tips for finding guest blogging opportunities

Guest Blogging is when you place an article (also called a post) onto the blog of another person. Your name is put onto it, and a link (also called a backlink) is installed that points to the web page of your choosing. Essentially, this is actually working for free, as the blog owner gets the fruits of your labor without paying you. However, some people feel that the backlink is worth the effort that was put into the blog post, and so feel that it is a fair trade-off.

The problem is that you have to convince the blog master to actually take your blog post. That’s right! Not only do you have to work for free, but you also have to convince someone to take your work for free (it’s a crazy world).

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Simple tips which will help you in finding guest blogging opportunities.

1.Locate the blog that you want to guest post on

If you want your backlink to be search engine friendly, it is a good idea to find a blog that is related to the page you want to link it to. If you sell French cheese, then a blog about dairy products is going to serve you better than a blog about motorcycles.

If you locate a blog that is related to the page you want to link to, then you are already on a positive because the blog master is more likely to agree to link to a related website. Some blog masters may see your website or blog as a threat if your themes/topics are too similar. The blog master may see you as competition and so may not agree the link to you.

2.See if they have a guest post section

Does the blog have guest posts on it already? If this is the case, then there is a higher chance of the blog master accepting the request. If the blog has no guest posts then you may contact the blogger, but put it in simple terms and possibly explain what you want to do and why.

3.Does the blog have a submission process?

If there is actually a section of the blog website that has submission guidelines or a submission section, then look at it and read any rules. Follow to submission rules exactly, at which point all you have to do is submit and then wait. Do not start nagging or bullying the blog master to hurry up and answer or to look at your request, as this will probably get your email address blocked.

4.Send a polite and original message

You are being polite because you want your request message to read more like a personal request and not like an advert. You are also going to send an original message because lots of people will send spam messages to the blogger, and the blogger will have learned how to recognize original and prewritten.

If you are going to send prewritten messages to bloggers because you do not have the time to write personal messages, then do your best to make them look original. Also, do not use the same message for more than one session. It is always suspicious when a blog master receives one message one month, and then two months later gets the exact same message again.

5.Explain why your blog post would make a good addition

Detail what you are going to write the post about, and explain that it would work well on the blog. Explain why your blog topic would suit the blog and how the readers would benefit from the blog post you are going to write.

6.Explain that you are going to promote the post

A big selling point for some bloggers is the idea that you are going to promote your post. They see this as free traffic and are often swayed by the idea that you are going to be sending traffic to their blog. So, make sure you mention that you intend to promote your guest post, and explain how you are going to do it. If you can add in a few factors that the blogger can check, then he/she may see what you have done after the post is uploaded.

7.If you have a social media following, then mention it

The blog master is going to like the idea of you promoting the post, and if you can show that you have a large social media following especially in Facebook and G+, then the blogger may enjoy the idea of attracting all of those new people to his/her blog.

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  1. Nice post. This is one area I need to get time to do. I also need to get guest writers on my blog. We can all work together to get our info out there. You made some good suggestions. Thanks.

  2. This post is quite down to earth for beginners Kate.
    I think point 3 above is very important. Bloggers have to read and understand those guide lines first before any step at contacting the blog owner

    Nice share

  3. hi kate,
    really, the chances for our guest post being accepted really get enhanced if we find a blog having content that is same as we publish on our own website.

  4. Hey Kate, and welcome to wpseotricks – it surely is nice to see you here. 🙂

    You have shared very insightful post with us, Kate and I really resonate with it. Fortunately, I’m posting on that on my blog today.



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