How to Get High PR Backlinks

Today one of the most influential factors that affect the ranking of any site in search engine results is to have high PR backlinks. PR means Page Rank with which Google estimates the weight of any website. Page rank varies from 0 to 10 where 10 is being the highest ranking which is almost unattainable.

A website with PR1 does not have much weight and its link to your site will not assist you in attaining the higher ranking. On the other hand if a site with PR6 is linked with your site then it is much authoritative and it helps in enhancing your ranking in search engine results.

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How to Get High PR Backlinks

Everyone has desire to get as much High PR backlinks for their sites as possible. However it is not an easy task because high PR site have usually put lots of effort and time to attain that weight and therefore they will not just go it away by linking with small anonymous sites.

If you have made your site really exciting and special then it is possible for you to get high PR backlinks unsurprisingly because authority sites will definitely want to link with your site. However if your site doesn’t possess any specialty or it is a kind of small site then you must think about how to get high PR backlinks.

  • One of the great ways to get high PR backlinks for a site is to make private connection with owners of authority websites. Contact them through email, provide free content, assist them with anything and it might be possible that in return they may want to link with your site.
  • There is another way to get high PR backlinks is to purchase them. However this is illegal by Google and your site might get penalized or banned if you get trapped. But many web masters have been in purchasing these backlinks from many years and it really works. There are various link brokers and places available online from where you can purchase these links. But you need to be careful while purchasing it because you obviously do not want to buy it from known link farms since it could be unsafe to getting trapped. It is always good to purchase high PR backlinks from private blog network or private personal.
  • Another way to get high PR backlinks is to look for high PR link sites and then contact the owners of these sites to ask whether they are willing to link with your sites in any fee.
  • One of the best ways to get high PR backlinks is to set up your personal blog network with high PR domains. For this you need to purchase high PR domains and sites and locate them all on distinctive IP hosting and link them up with your money site. The more high PR link sites in your blog, the more ranking authority you have. In a matter of days you will definitely get high ranking search results if you acquire enough backlinks for your blog network.

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  1. Yes Bruce backlinks still play a important role in PR. If you looked at quality while building backlinks you should get good news in the next PR update !! Please remember It’s always better to focus on quality rather than quantity.

  2. Shemul, you are right backlink is important and i also use same like you comment in blog to get more backlinks but most of the time i found nofollow backlinks.

  3. I have also enjoyed your blog and will continue to check in to read your posts. Thanks for sharing the one more impressive and useful information.

  4. Thanks for your article about get high page rank backlink. It is an awesome knowledge for me .

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  5. On the topic of “paid links”, if I purchase a display ad on this website and have the <a href= within the tag point back to an inner page on my website, is that a dreaded "paid link" that Google scouts for?

    Like "

    I assume since the link is “naked” and points directly back to my site, this would be a no-no because googlebot would count it as a link?

    What if I paid you to post a performance chart thumbnail that jumped to a bigger interactive chart on my site? Same story?

    BTW, how do you like using the Genesis framework? It looked complicated when I tried their demo.


  6. There are a number of ways to get high authority backlinks. There are people out there who will provide yout these kind of services but one should go for that freelancer who manually create these backlinks,

  7. Thanks for sharing the information. But Wanted to ask one thing. Most of the sites on which we comment gives us nofollow link. Even if they are High PR DoFollow websites. So are these type of links useful?

  8. Most of the website does mention to get High PR organically but it isn’t really easy you need to already have good amount of traffic to get noticed for which social media is the best platform these days.

  9. Thanks for the share. I got access to your blog through google search and love your content. Can you please recommend where one can buy high pr backlinks that will not affect the blog later in the future by google panda?

  10. Very informative site. But as someone has pointed out – finding a High PR site & getting a free link from them is very difficult

    Cheers !!!

  11. Awesome Blog.. you giving very important information to everyone keep it up..!!
    by the way tell me if any one know about High PR site.!

    Once again thank you so much for sharing an awesome blog..

  12. This is such as great list! Freak thank you so much I was really looking for a dofollow blog list for quite sometime and this came just in time.
    Hope this help me in building backlinks


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