How to Increase Your Facebook Subscribers

Increase Facebook Subscribers, increase-facebook-subscibers
How To Increase Facebook Subscribers

Facebook is the biggest social networking website in the world.Do you also want a large following in it? You also want to grow your subscriber base right? If your anwser is yes,then you are at the right place as through  this article, I will be sharing some tips and  tricks in which you can Increase Your Facebook Subscribers.

1.Disable Friend Request

You can disable friend request or make them private. So when people want to connect with you they’ll find only the ‘Subscribe’ option available.

2.Activate Facebook Subscribers

To activate Facebook subscribe, go to Account Setting —–>and click on the Subscribers tab on the left sidebar.Check the Allow Subscribers box.Your subscribers will receive anything that you share with the public.

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3.Share Important Updates With Public

 Share Interesting Content with Your Profile and Tag Peoples as much as you can. while Sharing Things make Sure That you change the visibility level of your post from friends to public.  If they continually see your update and it is informative and unique they may likely subscribe to your update to get notification of anytime you would update again.

4.Use Facebook Subscribe Button Widget On Your Blogs

Another important method to increase  Facebook subscribers is to add the  facebook subscribe button on your blog.To get a widget just go to Facebook developer site and create a unique Facebook subscribe button widget for your website or blog. Copy the code and paste it anywhere you like on your site and watch your subscribe count increase

5.Promote Yourself :

Find active and relevant  Facebook groups and pages related to your niche and promote your profile in it using tagline like” Subscribe ME and i’ll Subscribe You back” or anything promising. There are many other peoples who are also in need of subscribers.they will surly subscribe you.

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  1. Created a FaceBook app and added few plugins to allow users to like.. That is all what I have done and got around 100 likes within 3 days 😀

  2. Hi Deepak,
    Great tips. This tips seems very useful in gaining subscribers in facebook. And this process is very easy also.Thanks for sharing.


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