How To Earn Money From Amazon India Affiliate Program

A good news for Indian Publishers  Last Week has introduced its affiliate marketing program for Indian Publishers which is known as  Amazon Associates in India.India is the 9th country in which Amazon are providing this service.

If Indian webmasters are finding it difficult to earn money from affiliate marketing such as Clickbank,Commission Junction then they have a golden opportunity to monetize their traffic with Amazon India Affiliate Program.

How To Earn Money From Amazon India Affiliate Program,Amazon India Affiliate Program,Earn Money From Amazon India Affiliate Program

What Is Amazon India Affiliate Program ?

Amazon India Affiliate Program (Amazon Associates) is an Affiliate Program which allows Indian’s Webmasters and Bloggers  to earn money online by  promoting products on  their Websites/Blogs.

The best part about Amazon is  that they are offering 5% commission on electronics items  and 10% commission on all other products on every purchase made when visitors follow affiliated links from your website to

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How To Earn Money From Amazon India Affiliate Program,Amazon India Affiliate Program,Earn Money From Amazon India Affiliate Program

How to Join Indian Amazon Affiliate Program:

To join Indian Amazon Affiliate Program you will have to  create an Amazon account (if you don’t have it already) and submit your website/blog details.  You also need to provide your Permanent Account Number( PAN) to get paid.

After filling  the form, Amazon will approve your request within 24 hours. Once you are approved then you can then go ahead and start promoting relevant Amazon product  links on your website.

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  • Nice. Thanks for your tips 🙂

  • Sheethal Rao says:

    Amazon India Affiliate Program Its Great.I can try for my blog

    Thank you so much


  • doddi surya says:

    great tip.
    And how and where to promote the amazon links

    • DeePak Singh says:

      You can promote amazon links on your blog,Facebook and Twitter.

  • Thank You For Nice tip on Amazon Affliate Program

  • Pawan Kumar says:

    It’s good news. Can I use’s affiliate ID with or do I need to separately affiliate for both?

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi Pawan, I think you will have to make new Associates ID for Amazon India.

  • Indded a well written article. Amazon is one the leading affiliate program out there and people are making thousands of dollars per month from it. Nice tips.

  • Ahsan Ali says:

    hi good job bro thanks for sharing a very nice information regard

  • Zakeriya Shaikh says:

    Please help me
    I have created an affiliate account on (which not for india, I think) and I want to create no account on domain.
    Should I create new account on or continue promoting .comdomqin pproducts.

    • DeePak Singh says:

      Hi Zakeriya,
      I am not 100% sure but i think you need to create a separate Associates ID for Amazon India.

  • actually in my affiliate program i have earn 4000 rs
    but the problem is how to withdraw this amount from this affiliate program
    please help me guys ?????????

  • Vijay Dahiya says:

    hiii Arshad..
    Please check your Threshold for withdrawl of money..I thing that will help you

  • Alok Krishali says:

    If a person don’t have PAN card then.?

  • Nikunj Vyas says:

    Hello Mr. Deepak,

    I live in india than can i use to earn money??? Otherwise I have to create account in

    How to earn money through amazon affiliate Program??

    can you guide me step by step in details??

    please give me reply ASAP that’s why I can also start my earning.


  • Nitesh Kumar says:

    Hi i have tried many affiliates such as snapdeal, flipkart and also amazon but the cord the gave it isn’t show on my WordPress website what can i do please help me.

  • hi,
    i have earn 700Rs plz help how to withdrow on that amount. i have already choose NEFT option but not sure????

  • I have used amazon associates program for my website.

  • pinkunarzary says:

    How to promote amazon product in my website????

  • sanghamitra chowdhury says:

    Hi deepak..Thanks for this article.But I have one query.Since my blog is just 4 months old,Can I apply for it or when can I apply for it or what minimum stable traffic target I will need to apply for it?

  • Hi panwar
    I hv used amazon for seling my own product bt I hvnt pan card I hv only indian saving bank account wt can i do
    My second question is I hv fb page to promote my product whether I add affiliate marketting plz rply soon

  • i have made money from amazon affiliate almost 15000INR, but my account was closed due to terms and condition violation, now they are not paying money either, can u help me to reactive that account ?

  • sreeatluri says:


    thanks for the article.i have one query, i have affiliate account linked to my blog but i am not getting enough traffic can u explain how to improve traffic so that my sales can shoot up

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